"SOYA KHEEMA PIZZA" (Ready to Eat)

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Ingredients - Soya Kheema, Onions, Green Peppers, Tandoori Tikka Masala, Paprika Flakes, Mozzarella Cheese

No tomatoes used in a Pizza with White Sauce
Jain Sauce/Pizza contains only No Onion & No Garlic. Rest of the ingredients are as per standard
Size - Approx 10 inches. Serves 06 to 08 slices

"What makes Freezr Fresh Products Special"

  • All food is Vacuum packed for "Long Shelf Life" with minimal loss of nutrition and freshness
  • Ready to Eat or Use in few minutes 
  • Only food industry standard recipes are followed for consistent quality and product

  Cooking Instructions: -

  • Pizzas to be kept frozen in original vacuum packing until consumption.
  • Requires 10 - 15 mins of defrosting. Can be heated for 05 to 07 mins at 200 C in an OTG, or for 03 to 05 mins in a microwave or a Gas Pan
  • Standard Italian seasoning of Italian Herbs, Paprika, Salt & Pepper is already added. Adjust taste accordingly
  • Additional blanched/boiled ingredients can be added for enhancement before heating
  • Do not refreeze after opening the vacuum pack. Consume within 24 hrs and store in refrigeration only   


 Delivery Terms:

  • Orders are dispatched zone wise within 01 - 03 days of placing an order. We will be happy to try and accommodate earlier deliveries on request 
  • Parcels will be left with the building security or neighbors in case your phone is unanswered or not reachable after a few attempts
  • A standard delivery charge is applicable
  • On receipt, discard the secondary packing after reading instructions and store the primary pack in the freezer